Why Hugo

May 29, 2021 - 2 minutes

I used to have a free hosting with Goddady. It was awesome. Honestly it was. Long time ago, when I bought a domain, they offered a free hosting and I never looked back (oh my, back in 1999). I’ve been putting different frameworks there (PHP-Nuke was a long runner until I put Wordpress on) and kept on changing them when they stopped working or something esle would render site useless (hence different versions). The only drastic change I had to make, was to move the site to their European datacenter (I guess it was Amsterdam). But being a Dutch resident I didn’t notice much of the difference. That’s how good the internet infrastructure in the Netherlands (1Gbit up/down is no stranger to our village).

The last one was Wordpress. I had good times with it. I might go back, you never know. But I’m a big fan of serverless since I work with AWS professionally. And yesterday I found out that the site stopped working. It might’ve happened fome days or weeks ago (I’m not a frequent visitor of my own site) but still. The reason was simple - outdated PHP version. Yes, Godaddy offered free hosting but they never said they would keep it up to date.

So I decided to give Hugo a go. BTW, I’m using Terraform to deploy my personal projects to AWS (yes, infrastructure as a code evenfor my personal projects).